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Grid-friendly Characteristics Analysis and Implementation of a Single-phase Voltage-controlled Inverter
Shuaitao Zhang, Jinbin Zhao, Yang Chen and Chaojie He
Abstract Inverters are widely used in distributed power generation and other applications. However, their lack of inertia and variable impedance may cause system instability and power transfer inaccuracy. This paper proposes a control scheme for a single phase voltage-controlled inverter with some grid-friendly characteristics. The proposed control algorithm enables the inverter to function as a voltage source with an inner output impedance in both the islanded and grid-connected modes. Virtual inertia and rotor equations are embedded in the PLL part. Thus, the frequency stability can remain. The inner output impedance can be adjusted freely, which helps to accurately decouple and transmit the output active and reactive power. The proposed inverter operates like a traditional synchronous generator. Simulations and experiments are designed and carried out to verify the proposed control strategy.
Keyword Voltage-controlled inverter, Output impedance, Virtual inertia, Microgrid
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