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Submodule Level Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking PV Optimizer with Integrated Architecture
Feng Wang, Tianhua Zhu, Fang Zhuo, Hao Yi, and Shuhuai Shi
Abstract Distributed maximum power point tracking (DMPPT) concept is widely adopted in photovoltaic system to avoid mismatch loss. However, high cost and complexity hinder its further promotion in practice. Based on the concept of DMPPT, this paper presents an integrated submodule level half-bridge stack structure along with optimal current point tracking (OCPT) control algorithm. In this full power processing integrated solution, the number of power switches and passive components is greatly decreased. On the other hand, only one current sensor and related AD unit are needed to perform the ideal maximum power generation of all PV submodules in any irradiance case. The proposal can totally eliminate different small-scaled mismatch effects in real-word condition and true maximum power point of each PV submodule can be achieved and ideal maximum power output of whole PV system can be thereby achieved. Compared with current solutions, the proposal further develops the integration level of submodule DMPPT solutions with lower cost and smaller size. Moreover, the individual MPPT tracking of all submodules are guaranteed in the meanwhile.
Keyword Submodule, PV, mismatch, ideal maximum power generation
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