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Design and Control of DC/AC Converters in Parallel with Diode Rectifiers for Regenerative Applications
Zhigang Gao, Rui Li, and Qi Lu
Abstract This paper introduces a DC/AC converter, which can be connected in parallel with a diode rectifier for regenerative applications. The DC/AC converter is supposed to transmit regenerative energy to the power grid when a motor is braking. Isolation transformers are not needed in the topology, which can reduce the size and cost. An analysis of the zero-order current existing in the system is carried out. In addition, algorithms to minimize the zero-order current, control the power factor and keep the DC bus voltage stable are discussed. A 55kW industrial prototype is built to verify the proposed analysis and control strategies.
Keyword DC/AC converters, regenerative energy, PWM, bi-directional, zero-order current
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