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Performance Improvement of Model Predictive Control Using Control Error Compensation for Power Electronic Converters Based on the Lyapunov Function
Guiping Du, Zhifei Liu, Fada Du, and Jiajian Li
Abstract This paper proposes a model predictive control based on the discrete Lyapunov function to improve the performance of power electronic converters. The proposed control technique, based on finite control set model predictive control (FCS-MPC), defines a cost function about control law which is determined under the Lyapunov stability theorem with a control error compensation. The steady state and dynamic performance of the proposed control strategy has been tested under the single phase AC/DC voltage source rectifier (S-VSR). The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed control strategy not only offers global stability and good robustness but also leads to a high quality sinusoidal current with a reasonably low total harmonic distortion (THD) and a fast dynamic response under linear loads.
Keyword Power electronic converters, Discrete Lyapunov function, Model predictive control, Lyapunov stability theorem, Robustness
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