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Applicable Method for Average Switching Loss Calculation in Power Electronic Converters
Seyyed Abbas Saremi Hasari, Ahmad Salemnia, and Mohsen Hamzeh
Abstract Accurate calculation of the conduction and switching losses of a power electronic converter is required to achieve the efficiency of the converter. Such calculation is useful for computing the junction temperature of the switches. A few models for calculating the switching energy losses during switching transitions for the given values of switch voltage and current have been developed. In this study, these models are comprehensively reviewed and investigated for the first time for ease of comparison among them. These models are used for calculating the average amount of switching power losses. However, some points and details should be considered in utilizing these models when the switch current or voltage presents time variant and alternative quantity. Therefore, an applicable technique is proposed to use these models under the above-mentioned conditions. An optimal switching loss model and the presented technique are used to establish a new and fast method for obtaining the average switching power losses in any type of power electronic converters. The accuracy of the proposed method is evaluated by comprehensive simulation studies and experimental results.
Keyword Analytical loss model, Conduction loss calculation model, Power electronic converter loss, Switching loss model
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