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JPE, Vol. 14, No. 3, May 2014
Research on High Efficiency Non-Isolated Push-Pull Converters with Continuous Current in Solar-Battery Systems
Yan Li, Trillion Q. Zheng, and Qian Chen
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract In order to improve the output efficiency of solar cells and to extend the life span of batteries, the input currents of converters are required to be continuous. If low output voltage ripple is required at the same time, it is obvious that the application of basic two-order converters (such as Buck and Boost derived converters) will not be good enough. In this paper, a lot of non-isolated push-pull converters (NIPPCs) with continuous current will be introduced due to their lower current stress, higher efficiency and better EMC performance. By decomposing the converters into push-pull cells, inductor and free-wheeling diodes, two families of NIPPCs based on single inductor and coupled inductor separately are systematically generated. Furthermore, characteristics analyses for some of the generated converters are also shown in this paper. Finally, two prototypes based on the corresponding typical topologies are built in the lab to verify the theoretical outcomes.
Keyword Continuous Current,High Efficiency,Non-Isolated,Push-Pull Converter
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