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JPE, Vol. 13, No. 4, July 2013
Modeling and Control Method for High-power Electromagnetic Transmitter Power Supplies
Fei Yu and Yi-ming Zhang
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract High-power electromagnetic transmitter power supplies are an important part of deep geophysical exploration equipment. This is especially true in complex environments, where the ability to produce a highly accurate and stable output and safety through redundancy have become the key issues in the design of high-power electromagnetic transmitter power supplies. To solve these issues, a high-frequency switching power cascade based emission power supply is designed. By combining the circuit averaged model and the equivalent controlled source method, a modular mathematical model is established with the on-state loss and transformer induction loss being taken into account. A triple-loop control including an inner current loop, an outer voltage loop and a load current forward feedback, and a digitalized voltage/current sharing control method are proposed for the realization of the rapid, stable and highly accurate output of the system. By using a new algorithm referred to as GAPSO, which integrates a genetic algorithm and a particle swarm algorithm, the parameters of the controller are tuned. A multi-module cascade helps to achieve system redundancy. A simulation analysis of the open-loop system proves the accuracy of the established system and provides a better reflection of the characteristics of the power supply. A parameter tuning simulation proves the effectiveness of the GAPSO algorithm. A closed-loop simulation of the system and field geological exploration experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the control method. This ensures both the system¡¯s excellent stability and the output¡¯s accuracy. It also ensures the accuracy of the established mathematical model as well as its ability to meet the requirements of practical field deep exploration.
Keyword Cascade,Current sharing,Modeling,Triple-loop control,Voltage sharing
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