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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 5, September 2019
Equivalent Parallel Capacitance Cancellation of Common Mode Chokes Using Negative Impedance Converter for Common Mode Noise Reduction
Guangdong Dong and Fanghua Zhang
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Abstract Common mode (CM) chokes are a crucial part in EMI filters for mitigating the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) and for meeting electromagnetic compatibility standards. However, the parasitic capacitances of a CM choke deteriorate its high frequency filtering performance, which results in increases in the design cycle and cost of EMI filters. Therefore, this paper introduces a negative capacitance generated by a negative impedance converter (NIC) to cancel the influence of equivalent parallel capacitance (EPC). In this paper, based on a CM choke equivalent circuit, the EPCs of CM choke windings are accurately calculated by measuring their impedance. The negative capacitance is designed quantitatively and the EPC cancellation mechanisms are analyzed. The impedance of the CM choke in parallel with negative capacitances is tested and compared with the original CM choke using an impedance analyzer. Moreover, a CL type CM filter is added to a fabricated NIC prototype, and the insertion loss of the prototype is measured to verify the cancellation effect. The prototype is applied to a power converter to test the CM conducted noise. Both small signal and EMI measurement results show that the proposed technique can effectively cancel the EPCs and improve the CM filter's high frequency filtering performance.
Keyword Common mode choke,Electromagnetic interference,Equivalent parallel capacitance,Negative impedance converter,Winding capacitance cancellation
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