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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 5, September 2019
Design and Application of a Photovoltaic Array Simulator with Partial Shading Capability
Ersoy Beser
Area Renewable Energy
Abstract PV system performance is dependent on different irradiations and temperature values in addition to the capability of the employed PV inverter/ maximum power point tracker (MPPT) circuit or algorithm. Therefore, it would be appropriate to use a PV simulator capable of producing identical repeatable conditions regardless of the weather to evaluate the performance of inverter/ MPPT circuits and algorithms. In accordance with this purpose, a photovoltaic (PV) array simulator is presented in this paper. The simulator is designed to generate current-voltage (I-V) and power-voltage (P-V) curves of a PV panel. Series connected cascaded modules constitute the basic part of the simulator. This feature also allows for the modeling of PV arrays since the number of modules can be increased and high voltage values can be reached with the simulator. In addition, the curves obtained at the simulator output become similar to the actual curves of sample PV panels with an increase in the number of modules. In order to show the validity of the proposed simulator, it was simulated for various situations such as panels under full irradiance and partial shading conditions. After completing simulations, experiments were realized to support the simulation study. Both simulation and experimental results show that the proposed simulator will be very useful for researchers to carry out PV studies under laboratory conditions.
Keyword I-V curve,Irradiation,PhotoVoltaic (PV) energy,P-V curve,Partial shading,PV array,PV inverters,PV simulator
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