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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2019
Transient-Performance-Oriented Discrete-Time Design of Resonant Controller for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters
Zhanfeng Song, Yun Yu, Yaqi Wang, and Xiaohui Ma
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract The use of internal-model-based linear controller, such as resonant controller, is a well-established technique for the current control of grid-connected systems. Attractive properties for resonant controllers include their two-sequence tracking ability, the simple control structure, and the reduced computational burden. However, in the case of continuous-designed resonant controller, the transient performance is inevitably degraded at a low switching frequency. Moreover, available design methods for resonant controller is not able to realize the direct design of transient performances, and the anticipated transient performance is mainly achieved through trial and error. To address these problems, the zero-order-hold (ZOH) characteristic and inherent time delay in digital control systems are considered comprehensively in the design, and a corresponding hold-equivalent discrete model of the grid-connected converter is then established. The relationship between the placement of closed-loop poles and the corresponding transient performance is comprehensively investigated to realize the direct mapping relationship between the control gain and the transient response time. For the benefit of automatic tuning and real-time adaption, analytical expressions for controller gains are derived in detail using the required transient response time and system parameters. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate the validity of the proposed method.
Keyword Discrete-time design,Grid-connected converters,Resonant controller,Transient performance
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