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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2019
Influence of Frequency on Electromagnetic Field of Super High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generator
Hongbo Qiu, Yanqi Wei, Wei Wang, Bingxia Tang, Xifang Zhao, and Cunxiang Yang
Area Adjustable Speed Drives
Abstract When compared with traditional power frequency generators, the frequency of a super high-speed permanent magnet generator (SHSPMG) is a lot higher. In order to study the influence of frequency on the electromagnetic field of SHSPMGs, a 60000rpm, 117kW SHSPMG was taken as a research object. The two-dimensional finite element model of the generator was established, and the two-dimensional transient field of the generator was simulated. In addition, a test platform of the generator was set up and tested. The reliability of the simulation was verified by comparing the experiment data with that of the simulation. Then the generator electromagnetic field under different frequencies was studied, and the influence mechanism of frequency on the generator electromagnetic field was revealed. The generator loss, voltage regulation rate, torque and torque ripple were analyzed under the rated active power load and different frequencies. The influences of frequency on the eddy current density, loss, voltage regulation rate and torque ripple of the generator were obtained. These conclusions can provide some reference for the design and optimization of SHSPMGs.
Keyword Electromagnetic field,Frequency,Losses,Torque,Voltage regulation rate,Super high-speed permanent magnet generator
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