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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2019
Current Sharing Method Based on Optimal Phase Shift Control for Interleaved Three-Phase Half Bridge LLC Converter with Floating Y-Connection
Lin Shi, Bangyin Liu, and Shanxu Duan
Area High Power Converters
Abstract A current balance problem exists in multi-phase LLC converters due to the resonant parameter tolerance. This paper presents a current balancing method for interleaved three-phase half bridge LLC converters. This method regulates the phase shift angle of the driving signals between the three phases based on a converter with a floating Y-connection. The floating midpoint voltage has different influences on each phase current and makes the three-phase current balance performance better than midpoint non-floating systems. Phase shift control between modules can further regulate the midpoint voltage. Then three phase current sharing is realized without adding extra components. The current distributions in a midpoint non-floating system and a midpoint floating system are compared. Then the principle and implementation of the proposed control strategy are analyzed in detail. A 3kW prototype is built to verify the validity and feasibility of the proposed method.
Keyword Current sharing,Interleaved LLC converter,Phase shift control,Three-phase LLC converter,Y-connection
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