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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2019
Analysis, Design and Implementation of Flexible Interlaced Converter for Lithium Battery Active Balancing in Electric Vehicles
Shuailong Dai, Jiayu Wang, Teng Li, Zhifei Shan, and Yewen Wei
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract With the widespread use of modern clean energy, lithium-ion batteries have become essential as a more reliable energy storage component in the energy Internet. However, due to the difference in monomers, some of the battery over-charge or overdischarge in battery packs restrict their use. Therefore, a novel multiphase interleaved converter for reducing the inconsistencies of the individual cells in a battery pack is proposed in this paper. Based on the multiphase converter branches connected to each lithium battery, this circuit realizes energy transferred from any cell(s) to any other cell(s) complementarily. This flexible interlaced converter is composed of an improved bi-directional Buck-Boost circuit that is presented with its own available control method. A simulation model based on the PNGV model of fundamental equalization is built with four cells in PSIM. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate that converter and its control achieve simple and fast equalization. Furthermore, a comparison of traditional methods and the HNFABC equalization is provided to show the performance of the converter and the control of lithium-based battery stacks.
Keyword Battery energy storage,Bidirectional equalization,Flexible interlaced converter,PNGV model
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