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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July 2019
Augmentation of Fractional-Order PI Controller with Nonlinear Error-Modulator for Enhancing Robustness of DC-DC Boost Converters
Omer Saleem, Mohsin Rizwan, Ahmad Khizar, and Muaaz Ahmad
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract This paper presents a robust-optimal control strategy to improve the output-voltage error-tracking and control capability of a DC-DC boost converter. The proposed strategy employs an optimized Fractional-order Proportional-Integral (FoPI) controller that serves to eliminate oscillations, overshoots, undershoots and steady-state fluctuations. In order to significantly improve the error convergence-rate during a transient response, the FoPI controller is augmented with a pre-stage nonlinear error-modulator. The modulator combines the variations in the error and error-derivative via the signed-distance method. Then it feeds the aggregated-signal to a smooth sigmoidal control surface constituting an optimized hyperbolic secant function. The error-derivative is evaluated by measuring the output-capacitor current in order to compensate the hysteresis effect rendered by the parasitic impedances. The resulting modulated-signal is fed to the FoPI controller. The fixed controller parameters are meta-heuristically selected via a Particle-Swarm-Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The proposed control scheme exhibits rapid transits with improved damping in its response which aids in efficiently rejecting external disturbances such as load-transients and input-fluctuations. The superior robustness and time-optimality of the proposed control strategy is validated via experimental results.
Keyword Boost converter,Capacitor-current,Error modulation,Fractional-order PI controller,Hyperbolic secant function,Particle swarm optimization
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