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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 3, May 2019
Analytical Calculation of Air Gap Magnetic Field Distribution in Magnetic Geared Motors
Hyoseok Shi, Noboru Niguchi, and Katsuhiro Hirata
Area Adjustable Speed Drives
Abstract Magnetic geared motors are driven using the same operating principle as conventional synchronous motors in which a magnetic gear is embedded. The magnetic geared motor is structurally similar to a magnetic gear. However, by applying currents to the stator coil, the high-speed rotor is rotated by a magnetic field and the low-speed rotor is rotated according to the gear ratio. In this paper, the operational principle of a magnetic geared motor and the magnetic flux density in its inner and outer air gaps are described. Then the magnetic flux density in the two air gaps is used to express a method for calculating the electrical and mechanical output. Results obtained with the analytical calculation method are compared with those of the finite element analysis. Finally, a prototype is used to verify the results of the analytical calculation and FEA.
Keyword Finite element analysis,Magnetic gear,Magnetic geared motor,Space harmonics
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