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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 3, May 2019
Interleaved High Step-Up Boost Converter
Penghui Ma, Wenjuan Liang, Hao Chen, Yubo Zhang, and Xuefeng Hu
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract Renewable energy based on photovoltaic systems is beginning to play an important role to supply power to remote areas all over the world. Owing to the lower output voltage of photovoltaic arrays, high gain DC-DC converters with a high efficiency are required in practice. This paper presents a novel interleaved DC-DC boost converter with a high voltage gain, where the input terminal is interlaced in parallel and the output terminal is staggered in series (IPOSB). The IPOSB configuration can reduce input current ripples because two inductors are interlaced in parallel. The double output capacitors are charged in staggered parallel and discharged in series for the load. Therefore, IPOSB can attain a high step-up conversion and a lower output voltage ripple. In addtion, the output voltage can be automatically divided by two capacitors, without the need for extra sharing control methods. At the same time, the voltage stress of the power devices is lowered. The inrush current problem of capacitors is restrained by the inductor when compared with high gain converters with a switching-capacitor structure. The working principle and steady-state characteristics of the converter are analyzed in detail. The correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified by experimental results.
Keyword Efficiency analysis,High step-up,Low input current ripple,Low output voltage ripple,Voltage balance
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