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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March 2019
Voltage Balance Control of Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifier-Based Solid-State Transformer with Vector Refactoring Technology in メモ Frame
Hui Wong, Wendong Huang, and Li Yin
Area High Power Converters
Abstract For a solid-state transformer (SST), some factors, such as signal delay, switching loss and differences in the system parameters, lead to unbalanced DC-link voltages among the cascaded H-bridges (CHB). With a control method implemented in the メモ frame, the DC-link voltages are balanced, and the reactive power is equally distributed among all of the H-bridges. Based on the メモ frame control, the system can achieve independent active current and reactive current control. In addition, the control method of the high-voltage stage is easy to implement without decoupling or a phase-locked loop. Furthermore, the method can eliminate additional current delays during transients and get the dynamic response rapidly without an imaginary current component. In order to carry out the controller design, the vector refactoring relations that are used to balance DC-link voltages are derived. Different strategies are discussed and simulated under the unbalanced load condition. Finally, a three-cell CHB rectifier is constructed to conduct further research, and the steady and transient experimental results verify the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed method.
Keyword メモ frame control,Cascaded H-bridge rectifier,Solid-state transformer,Voltage and power balance,Vector refactoring
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