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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March 2019
Effect of Winding Configuration on the kVA Rating of Wye-connected Autotransformer Applied to 12- pulse Rectifier
Fangang Meng, Qingxiao Du, Lei Gao, Quanhui Li, and Zhongcheng Man
Area High Power Converters
Abstract This paper presents the effect of winding configuration on the kVA rating of a wye-connected autotransformer applied to a 12-pulse rectifier. To describe the winding configuration of the wye-connected autotransformer, position and proportional parameters are defined and their quantitative relation is calculated. The voltages across and currents through the windings are measured under different winding connections. Consequently, a relation between the kVA rating and position parameter is established in accordance with the analysis, and the optimal winding configuration is obtained on the basis of this relation. A wye-connected autotransformer with the least equivalent kVA rating and simplest winding configuration is designed and applied to the 12-pulse rectifier. Simulations and experiments are conducted to validate the theoretical analysis.
Keyword kVA rating,Optimal design,Winding configuration,Wye-connected autotransformer
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