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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March 2019
High-Reliability Three-Phase Dual-Buck Grid-Connected Inverter without Shoot-Through Problem
Zhenbin Fu, Zhihua Feng, Xi Chen, and Xinxin Zheng
Area High Power Converters
Abstract When compared to traditional bridge-type inverters, the dual-buck inverter has a higher reliability due to the fact that its bridge legs do not have a shoot-through problem. In this paper, the working principle of the dual-buck inverter is analyzed. A comparison of the working modes under full-cycle and half-cycle control is discussed. With half-cycle control, the inverter can realize a higher efficiency. However, this results in current zero-crossing distortion. The corresponding control strategy of the dual-buck inverter is proposed in order to realize both high efficiency and low current harmonic distortion. In addition, the system stability is analyzed. Dead-time is unnecessary due to the advantages of the topology. Thus, the current harmonic distortion can be further reduced. An inverter with the proposed control strategy has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency and low current harmonic distortion. Finally, simulation and experimental results are given to verify the theoretical analysis.
Keyword Dual-buck inverter,Dead-time,Half-cycle control,Shoot-through problem,System stability
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