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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March 2019
EMI Noise Source Reduction of Single-Ended Isolated Converters Using Secondary Resonance Technique
Zhangyong Chen, Yong Chen, Qiang Chen, Wei Jiang, and Rongqiang Zhong
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract Aiming at the problems of large dv/dt and di/dt in traditional single-ended converters and high electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise levels, a single-ended isolated converter using the secondary resonance technique is proposed in this paper. In the proposed converter, the voltage stress of the main power switch can be reduced and the voltage across the output diode is clamped to the output voltage when compared to the conventional flyback converter. In addition, the peak current stress through the main power switch can be decreased and zero current switching (ZCS) of the output diode can be achieved through the resonance technique. Moreover, the EMI noise coupling path and an equivalent model of the proposed converter topology are presented through the operational principle of the proposed converter. Analysis results indicate that the common mode (CM) EMI noise and the differential mode (DM) EMI noise of such a converter are deduced since the frequency spectra of the equivalent controlled voltage sources and controlled current source are decreased when compared with the traditional flyback converter. Furthermore, appropriate parameter selection of the resonant circuit network can increase the equivalent impedance in the EMI coupling path in the low frequency range, which further reduces the common mode interference. Finally, a simulation model and a 60W experimental prototype of the proposed converter are built and tested. Experimental results verify the theoretical analysis.
Keyword Electromagnetic interference (EMI),Secondary-side resonance,Single-ended converter,Soft switching
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