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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March 2019
A Novel Method for Compensating Phase Voltage Based on Online Calculating Compensation Time
Mingyu Wang, Dafang Wang, Chuanwei Zhou, Xiu Liang, and Guanglin Dong
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract Dead time and the nonideal characteristics of components all lead to phase voltage distortions. In order to eliminate the harmful effects caused by distortion, numerous methods have been proposed. The efficacy of a method mainly depends on two factors, the compensation voltage amplitude and the phase current polarity. Theoretical derivations and experiments are given to explain that both of these key factors can be deduced from the compensation time, which is defined as the error time between the ideal phase voltage duration and the actual phase voltage duration in one Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) period. Based on this regularity, a novel method for compensating phase voltage has been proposed. A simple circuit is constructed to realize the real-time feedback of the phase voltage. Utilizing the actual phase voltage, the compensation time is calculated online. Then the compensation voltage is derived. Simulation and experimental results show the feasibility and effectivity of the proposed method. They also show that the error voltage is decreased and that the waveform is improved.
Keyword Compensation time,Dead time,Nonideal characteristics of components,Real-time feedback on phase voltage
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