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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2019
Multimode Hybrid Control Strategy of LLC Resonant Converter in Applications with Wide Input Voltage Range
Yan Li, Kun Zhang, and Shuaifei Yang
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract This paper proposes a multimode hybrid control strategy that can achieve zero-voltage switching of primary switches and zero-current switching of secondary rectifier diodes in a wide input voltage range for full-bridge LLC resonant converters. When the input voltage is lower than the rated voltage, the converter operates in Mode 1 through the variable-frequency control strategy. When the input voltage is higher than the rated voltage, the converter operates in Mode 2 through the VF and phase-shift control strategy until the switching frequency reaches the upper limit. Then, the converter operates in Mode 3 through the constantfrequency and phase-shift control strategy. The secondary-side diode current will operate in the discontinuous current mode in Modes 1 and 3, whereas it will operate in the boundary current mode in Mode 2. The current RMS value and conduction loss can be reduced in Mode 2. A detailed theoretical analysis of the operation principle, the voltage gain characteristics, and the realization method is presented in this paper. Finally, a 500 W prototype with 100-200 V input voltage and 40 V output voltage is built to verify the feasibility of the multimode hybrid control strategy.
Keyword BCM,LLC resonant converter,Multimode hybrid control,Wide input voltage
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