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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2019
Novel Single-inductor Multistring-independent Dimming LED Driver with Switched-capacitor Control Technique
Guozhuang Liang and Hanlei Tian
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract Current imbalance is the main factor affecting the lifespan of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems and is generally solved by active or passive approaches. Given many new lighting applications, independent control is particularly important in achieving different levels of luminance. Existing passive and active approaches have their own limitations in current sharing and independent control, which bring new challenges to the design of LED drivers. In this work, a multichannel resonant converter based on switched-capacitor control (SCC) is proposed for solving this challenge. In the resonant network of the upper and lower half-bridges, SCC is used instead of fixed capacitance. Then, the individual current of the LED array is obtained through regulation of the effective capacitance of the SCC under a fixed switching frequency. In this manner, the complexity of the control unit of the circuit and the precision of the multichannel outputs are further improved. Finally, the superior performance of the proposed LED driver is verified by simulations and a 4-channel experimental prototype with a rated output power of 20 W.
Keyword Circuit analysis,Electromagnetic interference (EMI),Load sharing,switched capacitor,Voltage source converters
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