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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
Influence Analysis of Power Grid Harmonics on Synchronous Hydro Generators
Hongbo Qiu, Xiaobin Fan, Jianqin Feng, and Cunxiang Yang
Area Other Applications
Abstract The content of harmonic current increases with an increase in the number of power electronic devices in power grid. When a generator is directly connected to the power grid through a step-up transformer, the influence of the harmonic currents on the generator is inevitable. To study the influences of harmonics on generators, a 24-MW bulb tubular turbine generator is taken as an example in this paper. A 2-D transient electromagnetic field model is established. Through a comparative analysis of the data of experiments and simulations, the correctness of the model is verified. The values of the air gap magnetic density, torque and losses of the generator under various conditions are calculated using the finite element method. Taking the rated condition as a reference, the influence of the harmonic currents on the magnetic flux density is analyzed. It is confirmed that the time harmonic is a key factor affecting the generator performance. At the same time, the effects of harmonic currents on the torque ripple, average torque and eddy current loss of the generator are studied, and the mechanism of the variation of the eddy current loss is also discussed.
Keyword Average torque,Bulb tubular turbine generator,Eddy current loss,Harmonic current,Time harmonic,Torque ripple
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