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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
Enhanced Startup Diagnostics of LCL Filter for an Active Front-End Converter
Neeraj Agrawal and Vinod John
Area Devices and Components
Abstract The reliability of grid-connected inverters can be improved by algorithms capable of diagnosing faults in LCL filters. A fault diagnostic method during inverter startup is proposed. The proposed method can accurately generate and monitor information on the peak value and the location of the peak frequency component of the step response of a damped LCL filter. To identify faults, the proposed method compares the evaluated response with the response of a healthy higher-order damped LCL filter. The frequency components in the filter voltage response are first analytically obtained in closed form, which yields the expected trends for the filter faults. In the converter controller, the frequency components in the filter voltage response are computed using an appropriately designed fast Fourier transform and compared with healthy LCL response parameters using a finite state machine, which is used to sequence the proposed startup diagnostics. The performance of the proposed method is validated by comparing analytical results with the simulation and experimental results for a three-phase grid-connected inverter with a damped LCL filter.
Keyword Active front-end converter,DC?AC power conversion,Discrete Fourier transform,Fault diagnosis,Fast Fourier transform,Finite state machine,Power filter
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