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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
Source Current Control Strategy of Active Power Filters for Unbalanced Load Compensation in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Networks
Lei Wang, Xiaoqing Han, Runquan Meng, Chunguang Ren, Qi Wang, and Baifu Zhang
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract This paper proposes a modified control strategy to improve the performance of three-phase four-leg shunt active power filters (APFs) for the compensation of three phase unbalanced loads. Unbalanced current cannot be obtained accurately by a harmonic detector due to the lower frequency. The proposed control strategy eliminates conventional harmonic detectors by directly regulating the source current. Therefore, the computational complexity is greatly reduced and the performance of the APF is improved. A mathematic model has been developed based on the source currents. The corresponding controllers have been designed based on the sinusoidal internal model principle. The proposed control strategy can guarantee excellent compensation performance and stable operation after an extreme disturbance such as a short circuit fault. In addition, the proposed technique can selectively compensate specific harmonics. A 50kVA prototype APF is implemented in the laboratory to validate the feasibility and performance of the proposed control strategy.
Keyword Active Power Filter (APF),Source current control,Unbalanced load compensation
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