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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
Three-Phase Three-Switch Buck-Type Rectifier Based on Current Source Converter for 5MW PMSG Wind Turbine Systems
Beomseok Chae, Yongsug Suh, and Tahyun Kang
Area Renewable Energy
Abstract This paper proposes a three-phase three-switch buck-type converter as the MSC of a wind turbine system. Owing to a novel switching modulation scheme that can eliminate the unwanted diode rectifier mode switching state, the proposed system exhibits a satisfying ac voltage and current waveform quality and torque ripple up to the level of a typical current source rectifier even under a wide power factor operating range. The proposed system has been verified through simulations and HILS tests on a PMSG wind turbine model of 5MW/4160V. The proposed converter has been shown to provide a stator current THD of 3.9% and a torque ripple of 1% under the rated power condition. In addition to the inherent advantage of the reduced switch count of three-phase three-switch buck-type converters, the proposed switching modulation technique can make this converter a viable solution for the MSC placed inside of a nacelle, which is under severe volume, weight and mechanical vibration design limits.
Keyword Carrier based PWM,Current source rectifier,Three-phase three-switch buck-type rectifier
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