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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
Non-Isolated High Gain Bidirectional Modular DC-DC Converter with Unipolar and Bipolar Structure for DC Networks Interconnections
Lejia Sun, Fang Zhuo, Feng Wang, and Hao Yi
Area High Power Converters
Abstract In this paper, a novel high gain bidirectional modular dc-dc converter (BMC) with unipolar and bipolar structures for dc network interconnections is proposed. When compared with traditional dc grid-connecting converters, the proposed converter can achieve a high voltage gain with a simple modular transformerless structure. A sub-modular structure for the BMC is proposed to eliminate the unbalanced current stress between the different power units (levels) in the BMC. This can realize current sharing and standardized production and assembling. In addition, phase-interval operation is introduced to the sub-modules to realize low voltage and current ripple in both sides of the converter. Furthermore, two types of bipolar topologies of the sub-modular BMC were proposed to extend its application in bipolar dc network connections. In addition, the control system was optimized for grid-connection applications by providing various control strategies. Finally, simulations of a 3-level unipolar sub-modular BMC and a 4-level bipolar sub-modular BMC were conducted, and a 1-kW experimental 3-level unipolar prototype was developed to verify the effectiveness of the proposed converter.
Keyword Current control,DC-DC power conversion,Grid connection,Pulse width modulation
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