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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 5, September 2018
H-type Structural Boost Three-Level DC-DC Converter with Wide Voltage-Gain Range for Fuel Cell Applications
Huakun Bi, Ping Wang, and Yanbo Che
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract To match the dynamic lower voltage of a fuel cell stack and the required constant higher voltage (400V) of a DC bus, an H-type structural Boost three-level DC-DC converter with a wide voltage-gain range (HS-BTL) is presented in this paper. When compared with the traditional flying-capacitor Boost three-level DC-DC converter, the proposed converter can obtain a higher voltage-gain and does not require a complicate control for the flying-capacitor voltage balance. Moreover, the proposed converter, which can draw a continuous and low-rippled current from an input source, has the advantages of a wide voltage-gain range and low voltage stress for power semiconductors. The operating principle, parameters design and a comparison with other converters are presented and analyzed. Experimental results are also given to verify the aforementioned characteristics and theoretical analysis. The proposed converter is suitable for application of fuel cell systems.
Keyword Boost three-level DC-DC converter,Fuel cell systems,H-type structural,Voltage stress,Wide voltage-gain range
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