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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 4, July 2018
Identification and Damping of Resonances in Inverter-based Microgrids
Morteza Afrasiabi and Esmaeel Rokrok
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract The application of shunt capacitor banks and underground cables typically induces resonance in power distribution systems. In this study, the propagation of resonance in a microgrid (MG) with inverter-based distributed generators (IBDGs) is investigated. If resonances are not properly damped, then the output current of the inverters may experience distortion via resonance propagation due to the adverse effect of resonances on MG power quality. This study presents a conceptual method for identifying resonances and related issues in multi-inverter systems. For this purpose, existing resonances are identified using modal impedance analysis. However, some resonances may be undetectable when this method is used. Thus, the resonances are investigated using the proposed method based on the frequency response of a closed-loop MG equivalent circuit. After analyzing resonance propagation in the MG, an effective virtual impedance damping method is used in the IBDG control system to damp the resonances. Results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in compensating for existing resonances.
Keyword Distributed Generation,Harmonic,Interface Inverter,Resonance,Virtual Impedance
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