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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 4, July 2018
Power Distribution Control Scheme for a Three-phase Interleaved DC/DC Converter in the Charging and Discharging Processes of a Battery Energy Storage System
Bing Xie, Jianze Wang, Yu Jin, Yanchao Ji, and Chong Ma
Area Renewable Energy
Abstract This study presents a power distribution control scheme for a three-phase interleaved parallel DC/DC converter in a battery energy storage system. To extend battery life and increase the power equalization rate, a control method based on the nth order of the state of charge (SoC) is proposed for the charging and discharging processes. In the discharging process, the battery sets with high SoC deliver more power, whereas those with low SoC deliver less power. Therefore, the SoC between each battery set gradually decreases. However, in the two-stage charging process, the battery sets with high SoC absorb less power, and thus, a power correction algorithm is proposed to prevent the power of each particular battery set from exceeding its rated power. In the simulation performed with MATLAB/Simulink, results show that the proposed scheme can rapidly and effectively control the power distribution of the battery sets in the charging and discharging processes.
Keyword Interleaving bidirectional operation,Power distribution,Power correction algorithm,State of charge
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