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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 4, July 2018
Practical Implementation of Maximum Power Tracking Based Short-Current Pulse Method for Thermoelectric Generators Systems
Khalid Yahya, Mehmet Zeki Bilgin, and Tarik Erfidan
Area Renewable Energy
Abstract The applications of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) have received a lot of attention both in terms of harvesting waste thermal energy and the need for multi-levels of power. It is critical to track the optimum electrical operating point using DC to DC converters controlled by a pulse that is generated through a maximum power point tracking algorithm (MPPT). In this paper, the hardware implementation of a short-current pulse algorithm has been demonstrated under steady stated and transient conditions. In addition, the MPPT algorithm has been proposed, which is one of the most effective and applicable algorithms for obtaining the maximum power point of TEGs. During this study, the proposed prototype has been validated both analytically and experimentally. It has also demonstrated successful performance, which highlights the claimed advantages of the proposed MPPT solution.
Keyword Boost converter,Maximum power point tracking (MPPT),Short-current pulse (SCP),Thermoelectric generator (TEG)
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