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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 4, July 2018
New Generalized SVPWM Algorithm for Multilevel Inverters
A. Suresh Kumar, K. Sri Gowri, and M. Vijay Kumar
Area High Power Converters
Abstract In this paper a new generalized space vector pulse width modulation scheme is proposed based on the principle of reverse mapping to drive the switches of multilevel inverters. This projected scheme is developed based on the middle vector of the subhexagon which holds the tip of the reference vector, which plays a major role in mapping the reference vector. A new approach is offered to produce middle vector of the subhexagon which holds tip of the reference vector in the multilevel space vector plane. By using middle vector of the subhexagon, reference vector is linked towards the inner two level sub-hexagon. Then switching vectors, switching sequence and dwell times corresponding to a particular sector of a two-level inverter are determined. After that, by using the two level stage findings, the switching vectors related to exact position of the reference vector are directly generated based on principle of the reverse mapping approach and do not need to be found at n level stage. In the reverse mapping principle, the middle vector of subhexagon is added to the formerly found two level switching vectors. The proposed generalized algorithm is efficient and it can be applied to an inverter of any level. In this paper, the proposed scheme is explained for a five-level inverter and the performance is analyzed for five level and three level inverters through MATLAB. The simulation results are validated by implementing the propose scheme on a V/f controlled three-level inverter fed induction motor using dSPACE control desk.
Keyword Diode clamped MLI,Generalized SVPWM algorithm,MLI,Modified SVPWM,SVPWM
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