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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 4, July 2018
Active CDS-Clamped L-Type Current-Fed Isolated DC-DC Converter
Minh-Khai Nguyen, Truong-Duy Duong, Young-Cheol Lim, and Joon-Ho Choi
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract In this paper, an active capacitor-diode-switch (CDS) snubber is proposed for L-type current-fed isolated DC-DC converters. The proposed CDS-clamped converter has a number of advantages. It can achieve wide range zero-voltage switching (ZVS) on two switches, a continuous input current with a low ripple, a reduction of one active switch and high efficiency. The operating principles, analysis and parameter design guideline are presented. A 300 W prototype is built to test the proposed converter. Simulation and experimental results are shown at 30 V input voltage and 400 V output voltage.
Keyword Active snubber,Current-fed half-bridge (CFHB) converter,DC-DC conversion,Galvanic isolation,L-type,Zero-voltage switching (ZVS)
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