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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 3, May 2018
Enhanced Coulomb Counting Method for State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries based on Peukertí»s Law and Coulombic Efficiency
Jiale Xie, Jiachen Ma, and Kun Bai
Area Devices and Components
Abstract Conventional battery state-of-charge (SoC) estimation methods either involve sophisticated models or consume considerable computational resource. This study constructs an enhanced coulomb counting method (Ah method) for the SoC estimation of lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) by expanding the Peukert equation for the discharging process and incorporating the Coulombic efficiency for the charging process. Both the rate- and temperature-dependence of battery capacity are encompassed. An SoC mapping approach is also devised for initial SoC determination and Ah method correction. The charge counting performance at different sampling frequencies is analyzed experimentally and theoretically. To achieve a favorable compromise between sampling frequency and accumulation accuracy, a frequency-adjustable current sampling solution is developed. Experiments under the augmented urban dynamometer driving schedule cycles at different temperatures are conducted on two LiBs of different chemistries. Results verify the effectiveness and generalization ability of the proposed SoC estimation method.
Keyword Coulomb counting,Coulombic efficiency,Peukertí»s law,State-of-charge
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