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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 3, May 2018
Novel Single Switch DC-DC Converter for High Step-Up Conversion Ratio
Xuefeng Hu, Benbao Gao, Yuanyuan Huang, and Hao Chen
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract This paper presents a new structure for a step up dc-dc converter, which has several advantageous features. Firstly, the input dc source and the clamped capacitor are connected in series to transfer energy to the load through dual voltage multiplier cells. Therefore, the proposed converter can produce a very high voltage and a high conversion efficiency. Secondly, a double voltage clamped circuit is introduced to the primary side of the coupled inductor. The energy of the leakage inductance of the coupled inductor is recycled and the inrush current problem of the clamped circuits can be shared equally by two synchronous clamped capacitors. Therefore, the voltage spike of the switch tube is solved and the current stress of the diode is reduced. Thirdly, dual voltage multiplier cells can absorb the leakage inductance energy of the secondary side of the coupled inductor to obtain a higher efficiency. Fourthly, the active switch turns on at almost zero current and the reverse-recovery problem of the diodes is alleviated due to the leakage inductance, which further improves the conversion efficiency. The operating principles and a steady-state analysis of the continuous, discontinuous and boundary conduction modes are discussed in detail. Finally, the validity of this topology is confirmed by experimental results.
Keyword Clamp circuits,DC-DC,Dual voltage multiplier cells,Floating active switch,Switched-coupled-inductor
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