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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 2, March 2018
Zero-Current Phenomena Analysis of the Single IGBT Open Circuit Faults in Two-Level and Three-Level SVGs
Ke Wang, Hong-Lu Zhao, Yi Tang, Xiao Zhang, and Chuan-Jin Zhang
Area Devices and Components
Abstract The fact that the reliability of IGBTs has become a more and more significant aspect of power converters has resulted in an increase in the research on the open circuit (OC) fault location of IGBTs. When an OC fault occurs, a zero-current phenomena exists and frequently appears, which can be found in a lot of the existing literature. In fact, fault variables have a very high correlation with the zero-current interval. In some cases, zero-current interval actually decides the most significant fault feature. However, very few of the previous studies really explain or prove the zero-current phenomena of the fault current. In this paper, the zero-current phenomena is explained and verified through mathematical derivation, based on two-level and three-level NPC static var generators (SVGs). Mathematical models of single OC fault are deduced and it is concluded that a zero-current interval with a certain length follows the OC faults for both two-level and NPC three-level SVGs. Both inductive and capacitive reactive power situations are considered. The unbalanced load situation is discussed. In addition, simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis.
Keyword Fault diagnosis,IGBT OC fault,NPC 3-Level,SVG,2-level,Zero-current
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