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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 2, March 2018
Power Flow Control at the Subnetwork-Level in Microgrids
Kun Liu, Muhammad Mansoor Khan, Ahmad Rana, and Dong Fei
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract This paper presents the idea of a smart load that can adjust the input power flow based on the intermittent power available from RESs (Renewable Energy Resources) to regulate the line voltage, and draw a constant power from the grid. To this effect, an innovative power flow controller is presented based on a Resistive ES (Electric Spring) in combination with a PEAT (Power Electronics based Adjustable Transformer), which can effectively shape the load power flow at the subnetwork level. With a PEAT incorporated in the step down transformer at the grid side, the proposed controller can supply non-critical loads through local RESs, and the critical loads can draw a relatively constant power from the grid. If there is an abundance of power produced by the RESs, the controller can supply both non-critical loads and critical loads through the RES, which significantly reduces the power demand from the grid. The principle, practicality, stability analysis, and controller design are presented. In addition, simulation results show that the power flow controller performs well in shaping the load power flow at the subnetwork level, which decreases the power demand on the grid. Experimental results are also provided to show that the controller can be realized.
Keyword Electric spring,microgrid,Power electronics based adjustable transformer,Power flow control,Renewable energy sources
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