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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 2, March 2018
Clamping-diode Circuit for Marine Controlled-source Electromagnetic Transmitters
Hongxi Song, Yiming Zhang, Junxia Gao, Yu Zhang, and Xinyue Feng
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract Marine controlled-source electromagnetic transmitters (MCSETs) are important in marine electromagnetic exploration systems. They play a crucial role in the exploration of solid mineral resources, marine oil, and gas and in marine engineering evaluation. A DC?DC controlled-source circuit is typically used in traditional MCSETs, but using this circuit in MCSETs causes several problems, such as large voltage ringing of the high-frequency diode, heating of the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module, high temperature of the high-frequency transformer, loss of the duty cycle, and low transmission efficiency of the controlled-source circuit. This paper presents a clamping-diode circuit for MCSET (CDC-MCSET). Clamping diodes are added to the controlled-source circuit to reduce the loss of the duty ratio and the voltage peak of the high-frequency diode. The temperature of the high-frequency diode, IGBT module, and transformer is decreased, and the service life of these devices is prolonged. The power transmission efficiency of the controlled-source circuit is also improved. Saber simulation and a 20 KW MCSET are used to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed CDC-MCSET.
Keyword Clamping-diode circuit,Converter efficiency,DC?DC controlled-source circuit,Marine controlled-source electromagnetic transmitter
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