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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2018
Online Parameter Estimation for Wireless Power Transfer Systems Using the Tangent of the Reflected Impedance Angle
Shufan Li, Chenglin Liao, and Lifang Wang
Area Other Applications
Abstract An online estimation method for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems is presented without using any measurement of the secondary side or the load. This parameter estimation method can be applied with a controlling strategy that removes both the receiving terminal controller and the wireless communication. This improves the reliability of the system while reducing its costs and size. In a wireless power transfer system with an LCCL impedance matching circuit under a rectifier load, the actual load value, voltage/current and mutual inductance can be reflected through reflected impedance measuring at the primary side. The proposed method can calculate the phase angle tangent value of the secondary loop circuit impedance via the reflected impedance, which is unrelated to the mutual inductance. Then the load value can be determined based on the relationships between the load value and the secondary loop impedance. After that, the mutual inductance and transfer efficiency can be computed. According to the primary side voltage and current, the load voltage and current can also be detected in real-time. Experiments have verified that high estimation accuracy can be achieved with the proposed method. A single-controller based on the proposed parameter estimation method is established to achieve constant current control over a WPT system.
Keyword Online estimation,Tangent of reflected impedance angle,Reflected impedance,Wireless power transfer system
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