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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2018
An Electric-Field Coupled Power Transfer System with a Double-sided LC Network
Shi-Yun Xie, Yu-Gang Su, Wei Zhou, Yu-Ming Zhao, and Xin Dai
Area Other Applications
Abstract Electric-field coupled power transfer (ECPT) systems employ a high frequency electric field as an energy medium to transfer power wirelessly. Existing ECPT systems have made great progress in terms of increasing the transfer distance. However, the topologies of these systems are complex, and the transfer characteristics are very sensitive to variations in the circuit parameters. This paper proposes an ECPT system with a double-sided LC network, which employs a parallel LC network on the primary side and a series LC network on the secondary side. With the same transfer distance and output power, the proposed system is simpler and less sensitive than existing systems. The expression of the optimal driving voltage for the coupling structure and the characteristics of the LC networks are also analyzed, including the transfer efficiency, parameter sensitivity and total harmonic distortion. Then, a design method for the system parameters is provided according to these characteristics. Simulations and experiments have been carried out to verify the system properties and the design method.
Keyword Double-sided LC network,Electric-field coupled,Topologies,Wireless power transfer
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