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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2018
Research on a Multi-Objective Control Strategy for Current-source PWM Rectifiers under Unbalanced and Harmonic Grid Voltage Conditions
Yi-Wen Geng, Hai-Wei Liu, Ren-Xiong Deng, Fang-Fang Tian, Hao-Feng Bai, and Kai Wang
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract Unbalanced and distorted grid voltages cause the grid side current of a current source PWM rectifier to be heavily distorted. They can also cause the DC-link current to fluctuate with a huge amplitude. In order to enhance the performance of a current-source PWM rectifier under unbalanced and harmonic grid voltage conditions, a mathematical model of a current-source PWM rectifier is established and a flexible multi-objective control strategy is proposed to control the DC-link current and grid-current. The fundamental positive/negative sequence, 5th and 7th order harmonic components of the grid voltage are first separated with the proposed control strategy. The grid current reference are optimized based on three objectives: 1) sinusoidal and symmetrical grid current, 2) sinusoidal grid current and elimination of the DC-current 2nd order fluctuations, and 3) elimination of the DC-current 2nd and 6th order fluctuations. To avoid separation of the grid current components, a multi-frequency proportional-resonant controller is applied to control the fundamental positive/negative sequence, 5th and 7th order harmonic current. Finally, experimental results verify the effectiveness of proposed control strategy.
Keyword Current-source PWM rectifier,Proportional-resonant controller,Suppression for harmonic current,Unbalanced and harmonic grid voltage
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