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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2018
An Improved Multi-Tuned Filter for High Power Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Converters Based on Digital Control
Guangyu Sun, Yongli Li, and Wei Jin
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract For high power photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected converters, high order filters such as multi-tuned filters and Traps+RC filters with outstanding filtering performance have been widely researched. In this paper, the optimization of a multi-tuned filter with a low damping resistance and research on its corresponding control scheme have been combined to improve the performance of the proposed filter. Based on the characteristics of the switching harmonics produced by PWM, the proposed filter is optimized to further improve its filtering performance. When compared with the more common Traps+RC filter, the advantages of the proposed filter with low damping resistances in attenuating the major switching harmonics have been demonstrated. In addition, a simpler topology and reduced power loss can be achieved. On the other hand, to make the implementation of the proposed filter possible, on the base of the unique frequency response characteristic of the proposed filter, a digital single-loop control scheme has been proposed. This scheme is a simple and effective means to suppress the resonance peak caused by a lack of damping. Therefore, a smaller volume, better efficiency of the proposed filter, and easy implementation of the corresponding control scheme can be realized. Finally, the superiority of the proposed filter topology and control scheme is verified in experiments.
Keyword Digital control,High power grid-connected photovoltaic converter,PWM,Resonance peak
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