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JPE, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2018
New Strategy for Eliminating Zero-sequence Circulating Current between Parallel Operating Three-level NPC Voltage Source Inverters
Kai Li, Zhenhua Dong, Xiaodong Wang, Chao Peng, Fujin Deng, Josep Guerrero, and Juan Vasquez
Area High Power Converters
Abstract A novel strategy based on a zero common mode voltage pulse-width modulation (ZCMV-PWM) technique and zero-sequence circulating current (ZSCC) feedback control is proposed in this study to eliminate ZSCCs between three-level neutral point clamped (NPC) voltage source inverters, with common AC and DC buses, that are operating in parallel. First, an equivalent model of ZSCC in a three-phase three-level NPC inverter paralleled system is developed. Second, on the basis of the analysis of the excitation source of ZSCCs, i.e., the difference in common mode voltages (CMVs) between paralleled inverters, the ZCMV-PWM method is presented to reduce CMVs, and a simple electric circuit is adopted to control ZSCCs and neutral point potential. Finally, simulation and experiment are conducted to illustrate effectiveness of the proposed strategy. Results show that ZSCCs between paralleled inverters can be eliminated effectively under steady and dynamic states. Moreover, the proposed strategy exhibits the advantage of not requiring carrier synchronization. It can be utilized in inverters with different types of filter.
Keyword Common mode voltage,Neutral point clamped,Neural point potential,Voltage source inverter,Zero sequence circulating current
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