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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 5, September 2017
Two Vector Based Direct Power Control of AC/DC Grid Connected Converters Using a Constant Switching Frequency
Adel Mehdi, Abdellatif Reama, and Hocine Benalla
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract In this paper, an improved Direct Power Control (DPC) algorithm is presented for grid connected three phase PWM rectifiers. The new DPC approach is based on two main tasks. First the optimization of the look-up table, which is well-known in conventional DPC, is outlined for selecting the optimum converter output voltage vectors. Secondly a very simple and effective method is used to directly calculate their duty cycles from the power errors. Therefore, the measured active and reactive powers are made to track their references using hysteresis controllers. Then two vectors are selected and applied during one control cycle to minimize both the active and reactive power ripples. The main advantages of this method are that there is no need of linear current controllers, coordinates transformations or modulators. In addition, the control strategy is able to operate at constant switching frequencies to ease the design of the power converter and the AC harmonic filter. The control exhibits a good steady state performance and improves the dynamic response without any overshoot in the line current. Theoretical principles of the proposed method are discussed. Both simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the performance and effectiveness of this control scheme.
Keyword Direct Power Control (DPC),Grid connected converters,Hysteresis controller,Three phase AC/DC rectifiers
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