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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 5, September 2017
Torque Ripple Reduction of an Interior PM Synchronous Motor by Compensating Harmonic Currents Based on Flux Linkage Harmonics
Myung Joon Nam, Jong Hyun Kim, Kwan-Yuhl Cho, Hag-Wone Kim, and Younghoon Cho
Area Adjustable Speed Drives
Abstract The back emf harmonics of a permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor is a major source of torque ripple. For torque control applications including column fitted MDPS (motor driven power steering) systems, it is essential to reduce the mechanical vibrations due to torque ripples at low speeds. In this paper, a torque ripple reduction algorithm for interior PM synchronous motors is proposed. The harmonic currents that cancel the 6th order torque harmonic are added to the nominal dq currents for MTPA (maximum torque per ampere) operation. The compensated harmonic currents are derived from flux linkage harmonics based on a FFT analysis of the back emf harmonics. Simulation and experimental results verify that the 6th order torque harmonic and THD of the torque ripple are reduced by compensating the dq harmonic currents.
Keyword Back emf harmonics,Flux linkage harmonics,MDPS,PMSM,Torque ripple
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