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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 4, July 2017
Utilization of Active Diodes in Self-powered Sensorless Three-phase Boost-rectifiers for Energy Harvesting Applications
Alejandro Tapia-Hernandez, Mario Ponce-Silva, Victor Hugo Olivares-Peregrino, Jesus Elias Valdez-Resendiz, and Leobardo Hernandez-Gonzalez
Area Other Applications
Abstract The main contribution of this paper is the use of sensorless active diodes to generate the gate signals for a three-phase boost-rectifier with a self-powered control scheme. The sensorless operation is achieved making use of the gate control signals generated by the active diode schemes on each of the switching devices using a pulse width half-controlled boost rectifier modulation technique (PWM-HCBR). The proposed scheme synchronizes the gate control signals with a three phase voltage supply. Autonomous operation is obtained making use of the output DC bus to feed the control circuitry, the active diodes and the driver circuitry. The three-phase boost-rectifier is supplied by a three-phase permanent magnet electric generator powered by a solar concentrator dish with variable voltage and variable frequency conditions. Experimental results report an efficiency of up to 94.6% for 25 W and an input of 3.6 V peak per phase with 450.
Keyword Active diodes,Boost-rectifier,Energy harvesting
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