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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 4, July 2017
Performance Analysis of a Stand-alone Brushless Doubly-fed Induction Generator Using a New T-type Steady-state Model
Yi Liu, Wei Xu, Gang Zhi, and Junlin Zhang
Area Renewable Energy
Abstract The brushless doubly-fed induction generator (BDFIG) is a new type of dual stator winding induction generator. In such a generator, both the power winding (PW) and the control winding (CW) are housed in the stator. This paper presents the performance characteristics of a stand-alone BDFIG operation system. A new T-type steady-state model of a BDFIG is proposed. This model is more suitable for the performance analysis of stand-alone BDFIGs than the conventional -type steady-state model and the simplified inner core steady-state model. The characteristics of the power flow and CW current are analyzed by detailed mathematical derivations on the basis of the proposed T-type steady-state model. The analysis results are verified by experiments, which are carried out on a prototype BDFIG. The results of the performance analysis contribute to simplifying the control circuit, improving the control performance, and selecting an appropriate BDFIG for actual industrial applications.
Keyword Brushless doubly-fed induction generator (BDFIG),Performance analysis,Stand-alone generation system,T-type steady-state model
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