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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 4, July 2017
Application of Multiple Parks Vector Approach for Detection of Multiple Faults in Induction Motors
Tushar G. Vilhekar, Makarand S. Ballal, and Hiralal M. Suryawanshi
Area Adjustable Speed Drives
Abstract The ParkĄ¯s vector of stator current is a popular technique for the detection of induction motor faults. While the detection of the faulty condition using the ParkĄ¯s vector technique is easy, the classification of different types of faults is intricate. This problem is overcome by the Multiple ParkĄ¯s Vector (MPV) approach proposed in this paper. In this technique, the characteristic fault frequency component (CFFC) of stator winding faults, rotor winding faults, unbalanced voltage and bearing faults are extracted from three phase stator currents. Due to constructional asymmetry, under the healthy condition these characteristic fault frequency components are unbalanced. In order to balanced them, a correction factor is added to the characteristic fault frequency components of three phase stator currents. Therefore, the ParkĄ¯s vector pattern under the healthy condition is circular in shape. This pattern is considered as a reference pattern under the healthy condition. According to the fault condition, the amplitude and phase of characteristic faults frequency components changes. Thus, the pattern of the ParkĄ¯s vector changes. By monitoring the variation in multiple ParkĄ¯s vector patterns, the type of fault and its severity level is identified. In the proposed technique, the diagnosis of faults is immune to the effects of unbalanced voltage and multiple faults. This technique is verified on a 7.5 hp three phase wound rotor induction motor (WRIM). The experimental analysis is verified by simulation results.
Keyword Bearing fault ParkĄ¯s vector (BFPV),Multiple ParkĄ¯s vector (MPV),Rotor fault ParkĄ¯s vector (RFPV),Stator fault ParkĄ¯s vector (SFPV),Unbalanced voltage ParkĄ¯s vector (UVPV),Wound rotor induction motor (WRIM)
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