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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 4, July 2017
Improved Control Strategy for T-type Isolated DC/DC Converters
Dong Liu, Fujin Deng, Yanbo Wang, and Zhe Chen
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract T-type isolated DC/DC converters have recently attracted attention due to their numerous advantages, including few components, low cost, and symmetrical operation of transformers. This study proposes an improved control strategy for increasing the efficiency of T-type isolated DC/DC converters. Under the proposed strategy, the primary circulating current flows through the auxiliary switches (metal?oxide?semiconductor field-effect transistors) instead of their body diodes in free-wheeling periods. Such feature can reduce conduction losses, thereby improving the efficiency of T-type isolated DC/DC converters. The operation principles and performances of T-type isolated DC/DC converters under the proposed control strategy are analyzed in detail and verified through the simulation and experimental results.
Keyword DC/DC converter,T-type,Zero-voltage switching (ZVS)
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